Coffee tea sugar canisters

Coffee, Tea & Sugar Canister Sets

Our Coffee, Tea & Sugar Storage Canisters are perfect for storing all your hot drink essentials! The airtight silicone seal keeps everything fresh.


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vinegar and oil

Oil & Vinegar Dispensers

They are perfect for serving oil & vinegar. The stainless-steel pourer fits snugly in the bottle for easy and controlled dispensing.



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salt and peper

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Shake up an ordinary table setting by adding these ceramic salt and pepper shakers. Perfect for home, or trendy restaurants, these shakers are ideal for tabletop use.


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Anti-fatigue Mats

An anti-fatigue mat is designed to provide comfort and support to individuals who spend long periods standing on hard surfaces.


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Dirt Stopper Doormat

Prevent the dirt from entering your home and add the perfect decorative element. Welcome the guest or create a sense of style in a room.

table runner

Table Runners

Protect your surfaces and furniture from extreme temperatures with a table runner that does it all and looks good doing it.


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Enjoy your favorite warming beverage with our selection of luxury mugs. Coordinated designer mugs add a touch of luxury to the home.


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Dinner Plates

Let Villa Alegre's sophisticated tableware become a part of new family traditions and memories that will last a lifetime!



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New small bowls

Sauce Dishes

These dishes are ideal for dips and sauces but just perfect for soy sauce for your sushi, olives, starters, sweets, nuts & nibbles, wasabi, tomato sauce, ginger, chili, olive oil, etc.


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soup bowls

Soup Bowls

Start your day off right with breakfast in one of these cheerfully bright bowls, perfect for serving muesli, porridge, or cereal.


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side plates

Side Plates

Add a sleek style to your table with the Villa Alegre Side Plate. Perfect for casual as well as formal servings of salads, desserts.


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rice bowls

Rice Bowls

The bowl is also ideal for keeping ingredients organized and ready to use for serving sides, sauces, garnishes, and toppings.


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salad bowl

Salad Bowls

Our Salad bowls are perfect for giving an elegant finish to anything from appetizers to salads and snacks.



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This daring design underlines the robust porcelain's otherwise classic and simple shape. Made of high-quality porcelain. Oven Friendly.


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An elegant design finish with a sophisticated look that fits perfectly in any home. Ideal sizes for serving pasta, rice, desserts, and salads.



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Use to hold snacks, fruits, nuts, and any other foods like your favorite platter of noodles, dumplings, cake, rolls, sashimi, and kebab.


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Stack-able Dinnerware

The round shape, raised lip, and vibrant color of our dinner plates come together in a fresh design that is as versatile as it is timeless.


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Breakfast mugs

Breakfast Mugs

Enjoy your first-morning cuppa in this beautiful large-capacity breakfast mug. These designs will certainly brighten up your morning, making you ready for the day ahead. 


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