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Find the dinnerware that pairs with your gem!, we decided to try matching your birthstone with our dinnerware! We’re showcasing the collections that coordinate in color, pattern or vibe to the gemstone for your birth month. Scroll to find yours and tell us what you think!

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The new year deserves a bold kick-off and nothing is more dynamic than the ruby hues of the garnet gemstone. To match the statement-making color, pick up our Red and Blue pattern featuring radial red floral pattern that give every meal—even just those garden-variety veggies—that wow factor.



Go ahead; grab your crown. Fit for royalty, the colors of the amethyst gem symbolize strength and empowerment. Just like Queen Elizabeth before you, the dinnerware you use should give off a sense of luxury. Our Crown Pattern does just that with its durable bone china craftsmanship and royal colors. P.S. –  is microwave safe (because even Queen Elizabeth has to heat up her meal once in a while!)



Dive in to the  shades of this ocean-inspired gem. Clear as water, it symbolizes purity and the cleansing nature of the ocean. Similarly, the dot design, combined with the Aquamarine hue, make it a great match for the aquamarine birthstone.



What do they say are a girl’s best friend? You guessed it! Those lucky enough to be born in April get to call the diamond as their birthstone. This timeless, sought-after gem is a treasure that is universally loved. Our Blue and Gold pattern has the same appeal, it’s already one of the most popular picks in our assortment that goes with any tablespace, dinner plate or meal that you make!



A key color for the spring season, lush green takes the spotlight with May’s emerald birthstone. Symbolizing rebirth, you can get lost in the subtle hues of this beautiful gem. Likewise, our Green  hides some charm of its own with its service for two set-up masquerading as a statement-making centerpiece!



Any Gemini or Cancers out there? Lucky you! Your birthstone is a symbol of good fortune and positive vibes (so, can we get on that lottery ticket with you?) Moonstone is a healing gem that’s noted for bringing peace and calm, just like our well-loved orange pattern in a quaint floral design. In short: it’s a little slice of paradise.


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Now we’re getting bold! Our red and Blue spiral is a no-brainer for the ruby red birthstone of July. What better pairing could there be for the hot summer month, the fiery Leo temperament and the deep, passionate hues of this gem? Answer: nothing. This one is a certified match with its pretty pops of color and playful personality.



A rare gem in gorgeous shades of green, the peridot birthstone is coveted all around the world. Our green pattern is similarly sought after for its curved coupe shape, geometric tiling and watercolor greens splashed across the canvas. It’s made from strong bone china with a distinct.



September babies, try this: if you have your birthstone on a necklace or a ring, see what outfits don’t match with your jewelry. Nothing? That’s what we thought! The sapphire gem seems to always work with whatever you pair it with—just like our Blue Strip Designs! This everyday collection was made to mix and match with anything in your kitchen cabinet. The classic colors, timeless designs and durable material make it a go-to for every meal. Profile is definitely an underrated gem (see what we did there?)



Opal gemstones are way more than meets the eye. At first glance, they seem to be a pretty standard gem. But once they catch the light, an entire rainbow of color comes out to play! We love this design for the exact same reason. The  artful geo pattern in microwave-safe . It’s a modern design that shines under the spotlight.



Sun-splashed hues of orange and yellow give the citrine gem it’s unique appeal. The radiating colors offer a warm, calming vibe unlike any of the other birthstones. Our yellow and Blue Range is the perfect pair for citrine. Designed like a sunburst, the vivid stripes come in two tiers of yellow and blue shades. It’s guaranteed to give your meals an all-eyes-on-you effect.



Everyone loves a December baby! Although Sagittarius and Capricorn are very opposite, they do share one thing in common: the beautiful turquoise birthstone. This gem comes in pretty, pale-to-deep blues with a speckled finish. Our Mix Blue Range is a natural match with its oceanic hues, organic textures and asymmetrical shapes. The phrase, “one-of-a-kind,” definitely comes to mind!

Is there a Villa Alegre pattern that you think matches better with your birthstone? We’re all ears! Tell us by tagging us @Villaalegre on Facebook or on Instagram.


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